Inbound and Outbound Foreign Investment

Lawcombine began as a specialist in India specific FDI matters. We have the required resources, expertise and network to assist MNCs in developing their legal entry strategies for India, obtain regulatory approvals required therefor and implement the same. The firm can undertake partner search as well as legal & regulatory due diligence on behalf of the investors. We can prepare, file and successfully follow up regulatory applications. We prepare, review, negotiate and revise legal documentation for joint ventures / foreign collaborations, technology / technical know how transfers, trade mark licenses, etc. We have assisted Voest Alpine, Chupa Chups, Wireless Facilities, Hughes and other MNCs through related services.

Litigation & Arbitration

Lawcombine’s lawyers provide litigation and arbitration related services to clients like Reliance, Nokia Hughes, Societe General, Tadiran, Chupa Chups and others before the various High Courts, Tribunals and the Supreme Court. We have an independent local counsel network covering all major Indian cities and towns extending over 250 districts of India providing, inter-alia services relating to IPR protection, defense against consumer action, property verification, etc.

Long Term Contracts

Lawcombine has vast experience in contractual negotiation and documentation. We have undertaken tender evaluation, negotiation contractual deviations, bid review etc. We have negotiated and documented various long-term supply contracts, equipment leases, credit facilities, vendor finance arrangements etc. We can work as a contract monitor and help companies in following contractual procedures, claim submission norms, dispute notification etc. We have assisted Nokia, Technip - Coflexip, Tadiran, Geopetrol and other MNCs through related services.

Corporate Laws

Lawcombine is a one stop Corporate Law Advisor. From company formation to its day to day operations to its restructuring to its winding-up, the firm can render all related legal services in compliance with company law read together with applicable commercial laws including competition law. We have assisted Volvo, ABB, Hughes, Voest Alpine, Pernod Ricard, Nokia and other MNCs through related services.

International Corporate Disputes

Lawcombine works closely with some of the top international law firms in order to serve its own clients pursuing cross border litigation and arbitration. The firm has pursued and is pursuing international commercial arbitration under ICC, LCIA and other institutional rules. We also assist clients referred to by overseas law firms in pursuing claims and in the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and court orders in India.

Intellectual Property Rights

Lawcombine is fast emerging as a leading service provider for registration and protection of intellectual property rights in India. Currently, the firm's emphasis is on developing trademark and copyright law services. Nokia, Kamada, Chupa Chups, ETL, Tadiran, Panacea and other corporates have already availed our intellectual property rights services. We are also working closely with some international law firms in obtaining international patents for our clients.

Regulatory Compliance

Lawcombine provides legal and practical advice on and undertakes preparation, filing and follow up of applications and representations with various regulatory agencies including the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Reserve Bank of India, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Law, etc.